• reactive training
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  • reactive training
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  • reactive training
    Innovative Design
    ONLY product that tilts, slides, and rotates in an unrestricted 360°
    almost an infinite number of movement combinations

The Core-Tex® - Experience Reactive Training

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Why Choose Core-Tex?

  • The Core-Tex is a completely unique approach to 3 dimensional, functional movement. It is a reactive training tool that combines dynamic strength, razor sharp reaction, cardiovascular endurance, flexibility and balance into ONE design, creating the optimal training environment. The Core-Tex is the only device on the market that allows for movement in all three planes of motion AND whose base translates at the same time.

  • The precision and patented engineering of the Core-Tex allows the base to move like no other training environment. It is the ONLY product on the market that tilts, slides, and rotates in an unrestricted 360°. Constructed from durable ABS plastic, the platform features a non-slip rubber surface; and, cradles within a base that contains ball transfers oriented on the same tangent as the convex underside of the platform. This patented design creates the unique movements only available on the Core-Tex.

  • Core-Tex training is the intersection of innovative fitness equipment, scientifically designed workout programs, and industry-leading education courses designed to help your clients reach their goals and get results. The Core-Tex provides the benefits and versatility needed for rehabilitation, one-on-one training, group exercise, and sport performance.

What is Reactive Training?

Reactive Training Redefined

Reactive (adjective): Readily responsive to a stimulus.

Reactive Training: Training that challenges the body to successfully respond to imposed stimuli with minimal or no conscious thought for the purpose of:
1. Maintaining postural equilibrium
2. Improving timing, coordination and force production of muscular contractions
3. Providing optimal joint stability.

Reactive Variability: Applying the principles of Reactive Training to a continuously unpredictable environment.

Activity of all types and levels of difficulty all have one thing in common-variability. Variability has been shown to extremely beneficial to biological systems. From heart rate to nutrition - variability gives the body opportunity to thrive.

Reactive variability training with the Core-Tex is a critical part of any fitness program because it constantly provides variability to the muscles, nervous system and joints. Every repetition is different, thereby reducing stress on the joints, continually requiring the nervous system to adapt (plasticity) to coordinate new movements increasing muscle activation and efficiency. The results? Your body achieves more in a shorter time, gets smarter with less stress and keeps you fully engaged.


Gary Gray
Gary Gray /The Gray Institute
“A unique feature, of the Core-Tex that I think I enjoy the most is its ability to move very freely in the transverse plane. It’s a wonderful tool to utilize to simulate a lot of the things that our body does when it’s airborne. It’s a great piece of equipment that creates an environment that simulates some really cool biomechanical reactions that you just can’t do on any other surface because it’s truly reactive.”
Todd Durkin
Todd Durkin / Fitness Quest 10
“I absolutely love the Core-Tex. It provides for a unique training environment that my clients and athletes love. You can work complete body strength, mobility exercises, reaction, and work in patterns that are hard to replicate with many other modalities. If you are trying to differentiate yourself from other trainers and offer the latest in training, the Core-Texis a must tool for your toolbox.”