revolutionizing reactive training

The Core-Tex™ is a completely unique approach to 3 dimensional, functional movement. The precise and patented engineering of the Core-Tex™ provides an environment to enhance all areas of fitness and rehabilitation.

The constant interaction between the user and the Core-Tex™ keeps it highly engaging and entertaining. The unpredictability keeps the body and brain continuously working.

The Core-Tex™ is the only device on the market that allows for movement in all three planes of motion AND whose base translates at the same time. The results? Your body achieves more in a shorter amount of time, gets smarter with less stress and stays fully engaged.



Reactive Training

what is reactive training?

In the past, “reactive training” has unfortunately been limited to plyometrics or power training with the definition being the ability to generate force quickly. Through the progression and understanding of human movement and performance training, Anthony Carey, CEO of Function First Designs Inc., and inventor of the Core-Tex™, redefines reactive training as:

Training that unconsciously challenges and coordinates all the necessary systems in the body responsible for efficient movement.


The body operates at its best with less thinking and more doing. The delicate balance of all the systems in our body operate most effectively when our thinking gets out of the way. This is a result of the constant reactive relationship with our world around us.

The Core-Tex™ does this by creating an environment that maximizes the body's options along multiple vectors available only on the Core-Tex™. The continuous "pitch and catch" between the body and the Core-Tex™ will help maximize performance, prevent and/or rehabilitate injury and take full advantage of your movement potential.